Things to see and do

Between August 6th to 2nd September I’m taking part in a show at The Blue Duck Gallery in Caversham, Reading. There are a few other local artists taking part such as Sue Mundy, JoJo Jewellery, Cathy Newell Price and more. I’ll have some of my new wall pieces on show, if you do visit let me know what you think.

I’ve also been busy with other things as well as setting up a new mailing list. If you want to subscribe to news then please do so here.
I’ve also fallen in love with some amazing furniture, unfortunately at the moment we don’t have any space to for something from Out Of The Dark but it’s not going to stop me dribbling at their latest creations. You’ve got to check out their facebook page and see what i’m talking about. I’ve been to visit their workshop which is a hive of creative activity with stacks of furniture transformed by the team as well as some gems in the queue to be worked on. If you love retro/vintage then take a look¬†immediately.
A latest Out OF The Dark creation
Off to the workshop to catch up on some orders for the ever popular button coasters. Have  a lovely Sunday everyone.

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