Le Button!

Today it took me three attempts and 20 minutes to sew a button on a coat! That’s not normal, I know! It was exceptional circumstances, I was standing in the vestibule of a fast moving train surrounded by commuters whilst wearing the darn coat.  I’m sure I provided entertainment, or inspired someone somehow, I like to think so anyway. The coat has 10 buttons, over the past few months a button has fallen off every month without fail…..and before you say it, it’s not the Christmas chub! Despite it being an expensive coat the detail was not in sewing the buttons on.


Anyway, that’s nearly as boring as telling you all about how I’ve not blogged for something like 4 years. I’ve missed it, if nothing else it’s a great place for me to reflect back on my thoughts, it feels good to be back (I know it’s early days!). I’m looking forward to spending those spare moments jotting down ideas and sharing things. It feels like I’ve got my creativity back! (We don’t mention the day job!).

My old blog has been moved to my current website (that needs updating, another thing!) so everything is here, all in the same place now.

So I’ll keep it short. Today is the deadline for Caversham Arts Trail. If you hadn’t guessed that’s an Arts Trail in Caversham (Reading, UK) that I organise and take part in. We have around 30 artists taking part, it’s a fab event with a diverse range of handmade art. I love it, well taking part, the admin and organisation has got easier (this is our 6th year) but it’s hard work. My part is almost done, i just need to hand over to the designer for her to work her magic, then i need to get back in my studio and start creating.

I’ve been thinking about making some kind of boxes / pots with lids. Like small jewllery boxes. It’s going to be a test of my mould making skills for sure. You have to make the main part and the lid in two pieces but as one… that makes no sense i know. I guess what i mean is that i have to make the main body from plaster on my lathe, once that part is done you add more plaster to the top and make the lid. They then fit together perfectly, you then take the lid off and make two separate moulds. Does that even sound like i know what i’m doing?!?. It’s going to take a while i’m sure but i’m going to crack it, i did it at uni ….. that was only 12 years ago!

i’ll keep you posted with progress on the above, and also what new things i’m making. Also aiming to get some of my pieces left from last year into my shop and have a bit of a sale, just need to take some pictures.


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