Monthly Archives: July 2009

I’ve inherited some buttons!

I went to visit my parents yesterday and had a lovely surprise. Mum had found my Nan’s old button collection and gave me the whole lot! I love the tin, and there are some lovely buttons, some so nice i don’t want to use them. On the way home I went to visit my other […]

I love handmade

I had a lovely message from Kev of Dig the Earth last week telling me i had been featured on his new blog that was started in July. It’s called I love handmade and will hopefully show you some great items that you might not have seen on your travels around the world. I just […]

Too much twittering?

I’ve not really used twitter much but had a good go on it today, so much so that i got the fail whale! I love this picture, it’s so cute. I thought i was special but my other half says he gets this all the time. It’s cute, better than the broken sofa over on […]

Slip cast blog

I’ve been added to a wonderful blog full of slip cast ceramics, how great. Check it out, it’s called Slipcast-The Ceramics Blog – A blog dedicated to all things Ceramic. Art, Pottery, Science, Tile, Dinnerware, Sculpture, Glaze Calc, Raw Mats, Sanitaryware, Everything Ceramic. There are some great ceramics featured, these umbrella dishes by Benjamin Hubert […]