Folksy friday

Today is Friday…at last. Tomorrow is Saturday, that means i’m running the first childrens creative clay class this term at South Hill Park. The kids make some great stuff that can be seen on the slide show on the right of my blog. When it’s the first lesson of the term i never know how many will come, it could be 2 or it could be 12, somewhere in the middle would be great. Anyway back to the task in hand.

Ali fromalibalijewellery featured me on her blog. Every friday she does a Friday is Folksy feature and this friday it was my turn. Take a look at her blog to read the article if you want to know more. While you’re there if you haven’t already voted as part of the shop makeover project on vote for ali via this link (you will need to sign in). Below is the bracelet you should vote for.

Also some other great shops to take a look at are-

Bethany Allen who has this lovely Navy Button Brooch in her folksy shop.

Christine Walsh who has these Mystic Quartz, Iolite & Freshwater Pearl Earrings in her shop- bootiful!

Wrap up warm with this Flap Hat from Dollyknits who took her name from her Great Gran. How great is that!

and finally this wonderful Blossom Bag by Dish Dash Bags.

The theme here was supposed to be blue but thought this fitted in as the background was kinda blue.

one more thing, you can become a fan of my ceramics on facebook via the following link.

That’s all for now folks. x

3 Responses to Folksy friday

  1. Lovely selection, just came here via Dolly Knits.
    I Love your ceramics, I trained in it but have not been able to do any since having my children.
    Easier tp do textiles around children!

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