Etsy shop update

I’ve not been looking after my shop lately so today i’ve spent sometime updating it. I was prompted to update my shop by Su of QuercusSilver as she very kindly featured me on her etsy Treasury – Thanks Su.

See photo below of the treasury, there are some great items she’s featured, I’m particularly fond of the Chick bowl by shoshonasnow’s.

Must also say that i’m the proud owner of a beautiful ring from Su that I had made in black and white for my present for myself for turning 30 last year! It’s like the one below but the main part is black and the small dot is white, shown on the last photo in Su’s etsy shop listing. It’s lovely and picks up many comments whenever i wear it.

If you’re feeling like having a spend up why not hop over to for some mouthwatering craft. Here is a preview of my updated shop.

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