The Great Folksy Blog Circle

Back at the Folksy forums Dan Jackson has come up with a great idea…..the Great Folksy Blog Circle. Sounds interesting I’m sure you’ll agree.

Folksy has a large community of seller who chat via the forums swapping ideas, sharing top tips and lots more. Check it out, you don’t have to be a member to read the forums, but if you want to comment you’ll have to sign up.

So back to the story of the Great Folksy Blog Circle. The idea is you blog about the person above you on the great Folksy blog circle thread. Once you’ve blogged the next person on the list blogs about you. I should have written my blog earlier today as I’ve already been featured on Laura’s Blog.
I have to be honest and say that the thread has got a little confusing and the circle is blurred….i think I’m supposed to be blogging about Dig The Earth so here goes.

Dig The Earth is run by Kev from Yorkshire. He’s into recycling old things or making new things a lot more beautiful! You can read his blog here.
This is my favourite piece from Dig The Earth’s shop. It’s a mirror that has been lovingly (and very painstakingly!) decorated with beautiful hand drawn concentric circles, using waterproof permanent ink. A very graphic, bold statement piece!

Here is another lovely mirror – Spiral – Doodle Mirror which is decorated with hundred of tiny hand drawn doodles. It also shows how the mirrors are finished, they are all wrapped with a cotton bow and ‘Dig The Earth’ tag, nice touch Kev.

Thought this was rather topical with valentines day coming up, it’s a Wooden Heart Greetings card.

So there you go, now pop off and visit Dig The Earth’s shop via this link.

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