The stone soup challenge

After a week of buying a few presents and something for myself from folksy I’m really getting in to handmade items. From now on I’m going to try and The Stone Soup Challenge. Don’t worry, this isn’t the latest diet, read on.

The Stone Soup Challenge is a grassroots movement founded by artist Laura Bray. The goal of the challenge is for artists and crafters to help one another by promising to use a portion of their monthly profits to invest in a fellow artist’s shop. To join us in helping artists everywhere and to read more about the challenge, please visit the blog.

Everyone who is in on this will have their names on the right hand side of the blog. I’m hoping that they aren’t going to react like the forum did when sellers from folksy turned up. It would be an interesting story if you had nothing better to do, i won’t go into details as I’m
sure you HAVE got something better to do…like sign up for the Stone Soup Challenge.

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