Handm@de at Cambridge is on 4th April, that’s pretty soon! The first 200 visitors get a goodie bag which will have various promotional items from sellers at Handm@de.

I’ve been busy putting together my gifts. I’ve packed up about 25 brooches and magnets.

You can see some of the work that will be for sale on the flickr group here. You can also get further details from Handm@de here.

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  1. wow that looks like a lot of work!! and looks great! I’m getting some postcards printed for those goodie bags…am looking forward to seeing how they turned out.

  2. Hi Lauren, thanks for setting up the Handmade Cambs Facebook Event, its really helpful to have this to publicise the event. I’ve started inviting people, added some photos and have been very enthusiastic on the wall! Hope that is OK. I couldn’t work out how to send you a message on facebook! Really looking forward to seeing your ceramics for real. gx

  3. Man oh man . I wish I could be one of the firsts!!!! I like your buttons. So sad to feel the geographical wedge between my heart and your buttons.

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