Ceramics on Folksy.com

Thought it was time i shared a few folksy finds with you. I’ve picked four of my favourite ceramicists who have wonderfully stocked shops on folksy.com

I love this beautiful singular butterfly pinned to an olive green background by Julia Davey of White Elephant.
You can see this and lots more in Julia’s shop on folksy.com.

This Pondlife mini dish by Prince Design UK is stunning. This little bowl was inspired by floating leaves on a pond, carried by currents and collecting in corners. Each organic stamp was imprinted by hand into the soft clay, and later glazed with a watery blue glaze.

I like the simplicity of this Speckled Pink Pouring Bowl by Penny Spooner Ceramics. See more hand built and thrown potter at Penny’s shop on folksy.

This porcelain pendant by Sea Urchin has holes filled with green glass and a touch of gold lustre on it. I’ve see Sea Urchins pendants in so many places on the Internet lately, they are truly amazing. See more at Sea Urchin’s shop on folksy.

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