Things that need a new home

I’ve been having a clear out and wondered if anyone would be interested in the following items. I might list them on ebay but can’t decide if anyone would actually want them, please can you leave a comment if you think i should (or shouldn’t) or if you are interested please get in touch as I’d like nothing more than to skip the ebay part!

Firstly, some fantastic blue retro fabric, it was curtains so i suppose they could still be used as curtains if anyone wanted as they are still lined. One measures 82″ wide x54″ long. i love this fabric but just don’t have any use for it.

Then i have a selection of four buckles. Two are wooden and two are metal.

This collection of buttons that are gold and silver coloured. There are 6 anchor buttons included in this selection if anyone is currently on the nautical theme.

Does anyone use these Royal Air force buttons anymore?A whole collection i believe.

Finally a selection (420g) of various buttons that need a new home.

5 Responses to Things that need a new home

  1. I`d love to have those buckles! and I think blog is a great place to post this first ha…

    please can you email me how can I get them?

    iz dot igna at gmail dot com

  2. Oh, that’s so generous of you! I’m on a real military / nautical boys theme just now and would love the anchor or Air force buttons. Is there anything I could offer you as a swap?

  3. Just replied to your forum post on Folksy. I’d be happy to gie the lot a new home. In exchange for something in my shop or I could make you something bepoke instead.

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