Wall of frames

A few few months ago I saw an entry on a blog I follow by Jennifer Ramos, Made By Girl about a wall of framed art, check out her blog post here. As Jennifer made it look so good i thought I’d give it a go.

I’ve been working on this project for a while now and I’m so glad it’s finally finished. Over the last few months I’ve been collecting picture frames from various sources, mostly a charity shop and my parents loft. It probably shouldn’t have taken so long, feels a bit like I’ve dragged this changing rooms project out for too long but I’m pleased with the final result.

It didn’t get off to a great start as i tried painting a few frames but they looked a bit too DIY so i bought a few cans of spray paint which worked wonders and gave a really smooth finish.

This is how the frames started, some dark wood, light wood and some already white.

After a bit of sanding and a few coats of spraying they are nearly ready for the wall. After many different layouts on the carpet I’m pleased with the final layout.

And here it is. Still need a few images/pieces of art as there are blank frames in this photo.

I treated myself to a piece of work from Claire of Miso Funky , i love it! it came in this frame which is perfect, thanks Claire for the speedy work!

So thanks to Jennifer for sharing her wall of framed art which i love and for writing great blog posts every time.

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  1. that’s really cool – well done, they look fabulous! and i see you have my slogan….i blogged it once and couldn’t find the source of the break glass emergency – nice to see it posted again – a great reminder!

  2. This is a great way to use up all those frames, it looks fab. I have lots of art waiting to be framed and go onto my walls – when I eventually get around to painting the walls that is!


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