The weekend….

It’s been a busy weekend. I managed to spend some time making pots, visiting an open studios event, make some homemade soup and buy a new car!

These are the pots I’m currently working on. They are the same mould as the button pots i make but they’ve got a row of texture on instead of buttons. I made some prototypes earlier in the year and they had a good response so I’m building up some stock for Christmas.
I’ve also made a new vase, I’m phasing the popular large one out as I’ve made enough now, hopefully this will take it’s place. Only made half the mould….it’s a long process. This is the first half, when it’s finished I’m going to show the complete process so you can see all the steps involved.
More messy stuff but in the kitchen this time, something i made earlier….from this….

to this…. Yummy potato soup (you’re lucky you didn’t have to clean it all up!). We have veg overload at the moment as family members are harvesting their allotments. I’m trying to find more recipes as to try to use it all up. I also made courgette and mint soup but it wasn’t so nice but will be eaten sometime, probably when we have no other food in the house!
Off to pay for a new car, will blog about the open studio event and my purchase from Penny Spooner later this week.

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  1. ooh what car have you bought? I’m in the process of buying a new one too.

    Loving the new pots. Great photo of your new mould-in-progress…how do you cast the solid shape in plaster? or have you made the mould from a real vase? Looking forward to seeing the stages!

  2. thanks guys.

    Bought a Astra, collect it tonight..finally!

    I’ve turned the solid plaster shape on my plaster lathe, that’s the fun part, making the mould is so time consuming but worth it for the end product.

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