How cool are these? Not sure what i am going to do with them yet but i love them. I acquired them from family, well really i intercepted them, they were on their way to the charity shop but i couldn’t let them go. ( i think they are buckles!) I’ve spent the last hour or so freecycling some bits and bobs as well as ebaying some larger items for my parents. It’s been a real weekend of recycling and getting things for free! My dad harvested his first pumpkin last week so i collected a quarter to make into soup. It was huge, i had to use 3 saucepans!

It started like this….

And ended like this. I’ve got nearly a drawer full of soup in the freezer now. Tastes great, i wish i could share it via my blog.

Please note my cooker isn’t usually that messy, making soup is a messy business, all the clearing up takes soooo long.

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  1. it was just pumpkin, a tad of salt and pepper, veg stock and onions. No idea what measurement, i went freestyle. Made another one with some potatos and pumpkin in but the pumpkin one tastes best. I’ve just cut back my rosemary bush from my window box so maybe i’ll go get some more pumpkin and try it with some rosemary. I also need some ideas what to do with beetroot if you have any…beetroot soup…does that exist?

  2. hee. you should see my cooker!

    beetroot soup?
    there is a really really nice one in eastern europe. they sell it in shops where i come from, but here i’ve had to make my own. it definitely gets better with keeping it, so all the tastes mix and herbs grow stronger.

    i’ll try and translate it and post it into my blog in a bit..

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