Preparing for the Christmas rush

Here are the cupcake holders i got out of the kiln earlier this week. I’ve been testing out muffin cases too but prefer the cupcake ones.

This time of year i often find i’m having one mad rush after another. Usually after nearly selling out of xmas decorations at every show i spend every night of the next week making more, this year i’m trying to prepare for the Christmas rush. This is this years design, more contemporary than last years trees.

I’ve also got a top tip of how to dry them flat, place them in between dry plaster, it will absorb the moisture and dry them out quickly too, great when you’ve got limited time.

I also experimented making some buttons, these are them. I’ve not put any in my shops yet as i’m still deciding what to do with them. I might sew some on my pots, not sure yet.

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